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Demo cases

Sync2DB Demo & User Cases
(for Developers and database owners):

All of the test data is created and posted to separate non-Default Microsoft Outlook folders.
Contact us if you want to create custom corporate Sync2DB subscriptions and connect Microsoft Outlook with your database's or corporate Web site's data.

How to add demo subscription to Sync2DB:

Start Sync2DB. In Sync2Db menu go to "Actions -> Advanced -> Add Subscriptions..." and select "Predefined list of demo configurations", Click "Next", select "Demo Sandbox...", click "Finish".

Case 1: Microsoft SQL Database with Outlook (4Team Demo Sandbox)

Contacts, Tasks (two way sync)

Case 2 : MySQL with Outlook (Coming Soon!)

E-mail, Calendar (download only)

Case 3*: Microsoft SQL and SharePoint

Case 4*: Microsoft SQL all or selected Outlook folders (grab/upload only)

Case 5*: Developers' Sandbox (Microsoft SQL)

Create and test your own subscription.

*For Cases 3, 4, or 5 please register or contact us to schedule a demonstration and to setup access to the database.

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