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Connect Microsoft Outlook with any* SQL database

Sync2DB is a Windows application that safely links and syncs Outlook with your corporate database or any other database with minimum or no employee/customer interaction. Just click the Sync2DB button/link on any Web site and get the latest data in Outlook, from corporate appointments to orders and clients' lists, or grab the chosen Outlook data and upload it to the database. It is simple as RSS subscription, but with the possibility to add or update data from Outlook. The setup for users has no settings to choose from, with support of minimal or silent installation procedure. Sync2DB even functions without opening Outlook itself.
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Subscribe to selected data of your web site or enterprise database (Outlook as a Data Reader)

Using Sync2DB software, you can subscribe (synchronize) to any specified data from your Web site or corporate database with Microsoft Outlook. You can have and manage as many data subscriptions as you want. All the received data will be available to users from Outlook offline or online. All your subscriptions data updates will be delivered securely and silently to Outlook users, without interrupting their work with other programs, immediately (Push) or by scheduled intervals. They can also get them manually at any time they want.

Grab or transfer Outlook data of your Employees

Grab data that you want from Outlook of your Data Subscribers/Employees and upload it to your data server, even Outlook folders located on a Microsoft Exchange Server, including Public Folders. One time transfer or synchronization of updates is supported. Transfer all Outlook data or only data from selected Outlook folders. E.g. you can grab all contacts of your Employee or only Contacts from a certain category of Outlook Contact folder, say, only accounts of important clients.

2-way Database synchronization with Microsoft Outlook

Move (Export-import) data in one or both directions (two-way sync): Database-to->Outlook, Outlook-to->Database, Outlook<->Database. Maintain data in Outlook and database at the same time. Since all or selected data from your users' PCs is synchronized with a data server, you can use it as an Outlook backup, connect it to your CRM/ERM system, SharePoint, Project Server, or make it available online for users without Outlook (Web access), as well as for any other purposes.

Database Administrator-Developer in full control

Edit the subscription settings (folders to sync, filters, scheduling, and mapping), application installation and functional behavior in a simple xml configuration file. Use the Sync2DB Configuration Tool to easily adjust the configuration files (mapping, etc.). Connect your Web site with any number of Outlook users during one day.

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4Team Corporation, the developer of Sync2DB, is a major solution provider in Microsoft Outlook and office solutions for Windows systems. This project is packed with Microsoft MCPs' experienced developers.

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